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12'' Disco-dance
7'' Italian Artists
7'' Foreign Artists
7'' Hard rock \ Heavy metal
7" Discomusic \ Dance \ Funky \ Black music
CD Italian Artists
CD Foreign Artists Pop \ Rock \ Commercial music
CD Blues \ jazz
CD Hard'n'heavy \ Heavy metal
CD Progressive \ psichedelic \ electronica
CD Punk \ Dark \ Wave \ Indie \ Alternative
LP & CD Soundtracks
LP & CD Discomusic \ Dance \ Funky \ Black music
LP & CD Orchestra \ Instrumental music
LP Italian Artists
LP Hard rock \ Heavy metal
LP Pop-rock
Memorabilia \ Gadgets \ Books
Rap \ Hip hop \ Ska \ Reggae
Vinyls & CD Country \ Folk \ World music \ New age
Vinyl records & CD Classical music
Vinyl records Jazz \ blues
Records Progressive \ psichedelic \ electronic
Vinili Punk \ Dark \ Wave \ Indie \ Alternative




Thanks for your choice.

Our shop is oriented to different kinds of customers: from the collector to the common music-lover.
We particularly deal with vinyl records (LP, 12�, 7�) and CD of some kind of music (progressive rock, psychedelic music, hard�n�heavy,�).

For the vinyl records we have rarities, common vinyls, new productions or simply used items.

For the CD�s we have new items and second-hand items too, where the customer can find good oppurtunities for the price and for the kind of item (rarities, hard-to-find, out of print).

All the items are always in stock when the online-catalogues are update.

Arriving at us is very simple: when you take the highway A4 from Venice to Trieste, you must leave it at the exit �Ronchi dei Legionari-Aeroporto�. After the toll payment go straight ahead and, to the second crossroad, continue in the direction of Monfalcone. About 200 mt. there�s a traffic-lights with the indication �Ronchi centro� on the left. Turn on the left and after 50 mt. you are in Piazza Unit�:you�re arrived.

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