In the section “Conditions” of our catalogue we indicate before the vinyl and then the cover.

In the section “Note” we indicate pecularities or defects of the records.
SS Still sealed 
NEW New record 
M Mint 
EX Excellent\Even a superficial mark that doesn’t affect play; 
cover in excellent conditions.
VG Very good\There will be obvious signs of mear and some surface noise, but still quite nice; the cover is wear and tear but still in good conditions .
G Good\The record and the cover are very used and the quality is not very good.
+\- Plus-minus\To increase or diminish the grades. 
We don’t have records with inferior conditions. 


7" 7 inch single 
10" 10 inch
12" 12 inch single
LP long playing
2LP double long playing
EP extended playing
78 78 tours
CD compact disc
CDs compact disc single
CD3" compact disc 3 inch
VHS Video cassette
DVD Digital Video Disc
ST stereo 
MN mono 
PRO promo 
TP test pressing
DJ copy for disc-jockey
JB copy for juke-box
180gm heavy quality vinyl
RE reissue 
PDK picture disc
SPD shaped 
CV coloured vinyl
GF gatefold
CS company sleeve
CC cut cover 
CO drill hole
BOX cofanetto 
WLP white label promo 
WOL  write on label
WOC write on cover
WOBC Write on back cover
RW ring wear
ATG autograph 
LTD.ED. limited edition
STOL sticker on label
STOC sticker on cover 
STOBC sticker on back cover
TOC tape on cover
TOBC tape on back cover
TAPED SEAM laterale della copertina riparato 
da nastro adesivo