Published on: 23/05/2021


Great performance for Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest: Maneskin deservedly won the final evening of the singing event!
Already at the beginning the premises were very good and there was rumors talking about the group being in great shape. Probably no one was hoping in an absolute victory at the beginning, but certainly in an excellent position.
Many of the songs in the competition were well packaged, with beautiful substantial productions but at the end always products built at the table, with little soul and winking at the commercial market.
But rock isn't like that: it's passion, it's blood and sweat, it's soul and goosebumps at every single riff. And the public has heard this; as for Lordi in 2006, rock has gained acclaim.
France, disappointed for the second place, tried to cast unrewarding shadows on the leader for a hypothetical "sniff" taken by the cameras in their station. Only a bluff for a wrong move made at the wrong time.
The voting of the so-called "quality juries" of the individual countries was almost embarrassing: a country that voted for its neighbor, it is better to give a vote to a certain state rather than another, penalizing some perhaps for dislikes, and so on.
The absolute 0 acquired by the United Kingdom was ridiculous: honestly the song wasn’t worse than many others, but it is now common thought that it was a punishment for brexit.
Although France brought a quality song, the result was a little too "vintage".
Despite the controversy, some inconsistent songs and unclear votes, the event was very fluid,  well organized and with very accurate timigs (much more than our Sanremo): a complete show!
Our congratulations to Maneskin and, as Damiano said during the award ceremony, "Rock'n'roll will never die!"
... then "Zitti e buoni" and go with the uncensored version of the song!

Maneskin won Eurovision song contest 2021

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