Published on: 03/01/2022


For several years now there has been a lot of talk about the "return of the vinyl record". But do you know that this market has never actually died?
In the 90s, when CD sales were at the top, vinyl records continued to come out, perhaps in limited edition, prints of independent labels, US import products. (easier to find at the time), but the record market continued; he always had his followers, some had never even switched to the CD ... so many shops simply stopped selling them following the trend of the moment.
All this continued until about ten years ago, after which the current situation was gradually reached.
Unfortunately, something has been noticeable for some years now: dozens and dozens of CD titles are disappearing. Always requested titles put out of print, entire discographies are canceled and replaced by simple "Best of" by the artist in question, entire subject lines suppressed ...
Unfortunately, the suspicion is that the record companies have lost sight of the real demand: they rely on market surveys aimed only at what happens on the net, monitoring with their robots what is happening in the download and streaming sector. They do not realize (or underestimate!) That the physical purchase market is very different from the "liquid" one. So we find ourselves in the following situation:
-publication of vinyls at full blast, some even useless, to follow the market trend of recent years;
-cancellation of CD titles based on the simple assumption that "the CD is dying", if it does not make certain numbers;
-titles on the vinyl market that do not have their equivalent on CD;
- the increase in prices in the last year justified by some excuses such as the overbooking of the molding workshops, the difficulty in finding the raw material, the pandemic which obviously makes everything more difficult on a logistical level, etc.
Those who, like us, live in contact with the final buyer, realize all this and see that the request is quite different. Obviously, it cannot be denied that vinyl has had an overwhelming increase, but one cannot even close one's eyes to a request for CD that is always active, especially from that slice of consumers who do not frequent the network or who use it for other reasons. , who always wants something “tangible” when he buys, or who collects the physical format as a hobby, of whatever type it is.
We just have to wait with confidence for the usual turnaround, there are already those who are getting tired of the intangibility of digital, and the latest data confirm this.
We hope to reach a balance between the various supports as soon as possible, which in our opinion can coexist without penalizing anyone.




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