Published on: 14/07/2022


Interviews with Steven Wilson's negative comments towards the Maneskins have been running on the net for some time.
Great musician and sound engineer who with his Porcupine tree carries on the tradition of prog-rock at a high level, already some time ago he was the protagonist of not very benevolent comments towards the band Greta Van Fleet.
The main reasons go to the simple fact that he considers them both "shoddy copies" of the great rock musicians of the past.
We know, today it is practically impossible to invent something new, we will probably never see any more innovations or musical revolutions. What is presented today as novelty is often a sub-sub-genre of something that was there before or something that already existed but is reworked into a new form, but really new things are not seen.
From our personal point of view we think that both bands deserve the success they have as they have managed to at least resurrect the spirit of historical bands.
These bands have the merit of having brought rock back to young people all over the world when more “urban” genres seemed to be the masters.
Moreover, as an Italian example, the Maneskin are a real white fly: we do not know that any Italian group or artist has ever had an international rock attitude like them. Don't you think that maybe the appreciation of famous people like Iggy Pop and the Rolling Stones is worth something? Are the millions of fans around the world wrong now?
If Steven Wilson thinks that the Maneskin are not up to their success qualitatively he has perhaps forgotten one of the fundamental principles for those who listen to them: "It's only rock'n'roll, but I like it!"

Steven Wilson vs Maneskin

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